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Boiler Installation and Repair

You rely on your home’s boiler to keep your family warm and comfortable all winter long. Friendly and reliable Three Points Plumbing and Heating technicians can help ensure you don’t run into a middle of the night boiler breakdown. If this unfortunate incident does occur you can rely on a Three Points emergency boiler repair technician to be there in no time to help.

Three Points' technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary to evaluate your boiler, provide you with a free estimate, and perform expert boiler repairs and maintenance. Properly maintaining and repairing your home’s boiler when necessary ensures its efficiency, safety, and can help keep it running throughout the cold winter months.

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We can save you money on your utility bills and ensure your home feels comfortable throughout the year. Don’t let another winter season go by bundled in sweaters and blankets—call the heating and cooling technicians at Three Points. We serve all of the Vancouver Area from West Vancouver to Langley, BC, and we’re happy to arrive promptly when you need us.

Every Boiler Make and Model

Boilers can be used to operate and heat radiators, radiant in-floor heating, air handlers and domestic hot water tanks. A boiler is a highly versatile and efficient heating system. Many new home construction contractors prefer installing these hot water heating systems to traditional furnaces, because of the balanced heat they create and the space they save.

In addition to boilers we also service and install:

There are many different configurations for boiler systems. The most common systems are listed below.

Boiler Fuel Types

There are four main fuel types for residental and commercial boiler systems.

  • Natrual Gas is the most common boiler fuel source in Canada. Gas boilers are the most efficient but do require connection to a natural gas grid. Propane is used in some areas.
  • Electric Boilers are becming more common. They aren't as efficient as a gas boiler but can be used in areas that aren't on a natural gas grid. For smaller homes electric can be a decent option. A typical electric boiler will work by heating the water that runs through it with a heating element and this hot water is then pumped to where it is needed.
  • Oil Fired Boilers are used in more remote communities and fucntion in a similar way to gas boilers. They aren't as efficient as other methods.
  • Solid Fuel Boilers provide an alternative option to a traditional gas or electric boiler. It works in a similar way, usually utilising the same kind of pipes and radiators, however the main difference is the fuel. Solid fuel comes in multiple forms including pellets, coal and wood. These are burnt to heat up a tank of hot water, which is then used to heat your home and provide hot water.
Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers typically extract over 90% of the heat from the fuel they burn, making them both cost effective and energy efficient. They are so effective because they extract heat from flue gases which would have otherwise been lost by a non-condensing boiler.

Condensing boilers were not overly popular when they first hit the market, with early teething problems and a collection of myths about their reliability putting many homeowners off. Since then condensing boilers have come a long way and many of those old issue have been resolved.

combi Boilers

A combi boiler, also known as a combination boiler, is a type of condensing boiler. Combi boilers are highly efficient and compact, making them ideal for smaller homes. The name Combi comes from the fact that these boilers are able to act as both a water heater and also a central heating unit. Thanks to their space saving features, combi boilers are one of the most popular choices in Canada – accounting for over half of domestic boiler installations each year.

Combi boilers work by heating water directly from the mains, so you don’t need a hot water storage cylinder or cold water tank. This is ideal for smaller properties without airing cupboard or roof space. This heating method also makes them very energy efficient and affordable to run, as water is not heated and stored (and thus wasted if it’s not used).

System Boilers

A system boiler directly heats your central heating and also produces hot water for your storage cylinder. It is a heat only boiler and works in a similar way to a regular boiler, however it includes additional units within the boiler itself such as an expansion vessel and a pressure release valve.

A hot water storage tank will always be required with a system boiler, as it needs somewhere to store the water it has heated. A system boiler doesn’t however require a cold water tank, saving space and making them more suitable for smaller homes than a regular boiler.

Boiler Repair Questions

If your residential boiler isn’t properly maintained it can breakdown unexpectedly and put the warmth and comfort of your family at risk. With regular maintenance and repairs your boiler can be a reliable and efficient part of your home’s HVAC system.

When it comes to the safe performance of your boiler, regular maintenance and repairs are even more important. If your boiler is allowed to rust, corrode, or experience any other prolonged technical difficulties it can put the safety of you and your family at risk. A faulty boiler can lead to the creation of dangerous carbon monoxide, which can be deadly if allowed to fill your home.

There are several signs that will help you determine when it’s time to repair your boiler, including:

  • Your boiler isn’t heating your home as well as it used to
  • The hot water in your home is running out quicker than before
  • You’ve heard strange noises coming from your boiler
  • The water in your boiler is actually boiling (Even though it’s called a boiler the water shouldn’t boil)
  • Your boiler isn’t turning on at all

If you notice any of these problems the best course of action is to call an experienced Three Points technician to inspect your boiler and all of its related components. Three Points Plumbing and Heating's residential boiler repair and maintenance services are second to none, so when you call Three Points you’re guaranteed the results you want.

Don’t let a boiler malfunction hamper your family’s ability to enjoy your home, and don’t rely on an amateur handyman to diagnose and fix your boiler issues.

Our technicians have expertise with all makes and models of HVAC systems. We can ensure your boiler is functional for years to come. Contact us today!