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Gas Fitting Services

We have a team of licensed & experienced technicians, who specialized in leaky/damaged gas line repair, install or replace gas lines. Our full line of gas piping service includes our guarantee that all jobs comply with all codes, regulations, safety and best practices.

We are fully insured & Registered Gas Contractor. Our technicians are highly experienced & licensed to work on gas line and gas appliances LEGALLY. We pride ourselves being one of the most reliable specialists in Gas Line Installation.

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Natural gas is a less expensive energy source than electricity. Now a days, demand of using gas appliances is rapidly increasing. When homeowners want to add new gas appliances, our licensed technicians are ready to help.

For most homeowners, installing gas stove, dryer, fireplace, bbq or any other gas appliances, often require to run gas line. Our licensed technicians work around your needs. They can install new line, disconnect, relocate and reinstall lines and gas appliances as needed.

Gas Installation Professionals

Adding gas appliances may require new gas line installation, re-routing or altering existing pipes based on their rated BTUs and pressure requirements. We can run the line either 'T' off your gas meter or from your furnace room depending on the options that best suits your needs.

To install new gas line, relocate/reinstall gas lines may require cutting through walls or ceilings, and other disruptions. Our experienced & skilled technicians ensure to minimize the impact on other services and structures in your home.

In addition to camera inspections we also offer services for:

Our gas line installation service include the following:

  • Repair leaky/damaged gas line
  • Install new gas line.
  • Reinstall gas line.
  • Replace gas line.
  • Disconnect gas line and capped.
  • Ensure there is no leaking issue.
  • Comply with all codes & regulations.
  • Ensure safety & best practices.
  • Comply with rated BTUs and pressure requirements.
  • Ensure proper pressure test.
  • We absolutely guarantee the gas line installation service you receive!

We are specialized in installing new gas line and disconnect, relocate and reinstall gas lines. We are fully insured. Our technicians are certified, licensed, insured, highly experienced and take extra care in making sure your house remains spotless while the gas line is being installed.

Our technicians are background checked, insured, expert Red Seal gas fitters from the lower mainland. Competitive prices & years of experience guarantee the best quality for your dollar.